Creating captivating website and SEO content

Creating interesting and unique content that keeps your audience engaged with your website is the secret to improving brand awareness, credibility, client conversations and your SEO ranking, all with the end goal to improve business revenue.

Content can take the form of imagery, infographics and video as well as written articles. A combination of these improves engagement as long as the material is relevant, original and offers a unique point of view. Search engines will tend to rank this type of content higher and give it more exposure.


Keywords are the key

A significant contributor to SEO improvement is carefully researching the appropriateness of keywords. Knowing how Google interacts with keywords, how and when to use keywords and what keywords to avoid is essential.

Blog posts developed on the basis of keyword research are different from other types of blog posts in that they focus on answering an existing question. So simply put, smart keyword choice is about anticipating your audiences questions. What will they ask Google that will then, as a result of keyword research, create a higher search ranking.

There are many automated search tools that provide keyword suggestions. These tools allow you to find new keyword ideas by two main ways: by typing in a word or a phrase and getting back related keywords (the “Explore by Keyword” feature), or by typing in a webpage/website and getting back keywords that the page or site ranks for (the “Explore by Site” feature).

The most important thing to remember is that offering the right content tells you what your audience wants to know. As a blogger, this insight is invaluable! Write to answer your audiences questions, and they’ll be more likely to find your content in search engines.


In summary

Choose keywords that match your audience. The deeper your understanding of your ideal audience, the easier it will be to detect which keywords out of the bunch they would have searched for.

  • Look at each keyword’s search volume
  • Check out the pages that are currently ranking for your target keyword and think about how you can create a page better than that.
  • Keyword research gets easier once you start to apply it.
  • A huge part of growing your blog effectively is developing a content strategy.

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